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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Strip Lashes for Your Eye Shape

When it comes to choosing the perfect false lashes, understanding your eye shape is crucial. Different eye shapes require different lash styles to enhance their natural beauty.

Wondering which lash will best suit your eye shape? Unsure what your eye shape is? Well you came to the right place. Let's explore how you can determine your eye shape and find the most flattering false lashes with this ultimate guide to choosing the right strip lashes for your eye shape.

Eye shape chart including hooded eyes, almond eyes, round eyes. deep-set eyes and monolid eyes
Eye shape chart

Does my eye shape affect which strip lashes I should wear?

The importance of identifying your eye shape for finding the most flattering false lashes: Your eye shape plays a significant role in determining which false lashes will suit you best.

Whether you have monolid, almond-shaped, hooded, round, or deep-set eyes, understanding your unique eye shape will help you select lashes that enhance your features and achieve a harmonious look.

What are the different eye shapes?

  1. Monolid: Monolid eyes have a minimal or absent crease, creating a smooth eyelid appearance.

  2. Almond: Almond-shaped eyes have a slightly upswept outer corner, resembling the shape of an almond.

  3. Hooded: Hooded eyes have a fold of skin that partially or entirely covers the eyelid when the eyes are open.

  4. Round: Round eyes have a circular shape, with the iris fully visible and a well-defined curve.

  5. Deep-set: Deep-set eyes are set deeper into the eye socket, creating the appearance of a more prominent brow bone.

How to find out which eye shape you have:

Girl, It's time to find out your eye shape and understand its unique characteristics.

To determine your eye shape, stand in front of a well-lit mirror and observe the following:

  1. Look at the crease: Is there a visible crease or no crease at all?

  2. Examine the shape: Are your eyes more rounded, almond-shaped, or have a hooded appearance?

  3. Assess the visibility of your eyelid: Is your eyelid fully visible or partially covered?

Once you have identified your eye shape, you can move on to selecting the most suitable false lashes that will enhance your natural beauty.

Remember, while these are general eye shapes, yours may have unique characteristics. Don't worry if your eye shape doesn't fit perfectly into one category—it's all about finding the lashes that make you feel confident and beautiful.

Where to go from here - Choosing the right strip lashes for your eye shape:

At That Lash Co. we have a range of strip lashes that suit a variety of different eye shapes. Click here to shop our strip lashes.


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