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Lash strips that look like extensions

Where can I buy Lash strips that look like extensions?

Great news! That Lash Co. has an entire range created to look like eyelash extensions but in re-usable strip form.

The entire range is comprised of lash strips that are labelled as the lash extension styles for the buyers ease.

Mega volume eyelashes in box

“Whether it’s just for the night or for everyday wear. Get that lash extension look without the commitment” – Founder of That Lash Co.

What is That Lash Co?

That Lash Co. is a female founded, Australian owned and based business. We are home to

Australia’s first official eyelash extension range of strip lashes (lash strips that look like extensions).

Our goal was to offer a more convenient and affordable alternative to those wanting to achieve that lash extension look without the strain on the wallet or the commitment.

Blair Waldorf with shopping bags

Does That Lash Co. test on animals?

Here at That Lash Co. we don’t believe in nor encourage any cruelty or testing on animals. All of our lash strips are 100% vegan and cruelty free, so you can rock that lash extension style, guilt free.


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