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What is the best eyelash serum?

According to our research, what is the best eyelash serum?

What is the best eyelash serum? That is something that is very objective to each person. What ingredients suit your skin? How often do you want to be applying it? Do you need your eyelash serum to be lash extension friendly?

We have done some research and here are the top 6 eyelash serums currently on the market.

Top 6 Eyelash Serums:

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How does Eyelash Serum work?

Eyelash serum works through the application of a serum to the lash line or just above in the aim to nourish and support the healthy growth of your natural eyelashes.

What are the benefits of Eyelash Serum?

The benefits of eyelash serum vary on a product to product basis and one’s own personal lash cycle. However, many find that lash serum supports healthy growth by strengthening lashes from the root. Some even report the benefit of experiencing visually thicker and longer lashes than before using the serum.

Does eyelash serum repair damaged lashes?

Many look to lash serum in order to strengthen and repair damage to their eyelashes. Eyelash serums are formulated to include ingredients that support and aid the body’s production of lashes and so, may assist in the repair of eyelashes.

Can you use eyelash serum while wearing eyelash extensions or strip lashes?

Although this may vary from product to product, a majority of eyelash serums are made with ingredients that are suitable to be used in conjunction with eyelash extension and lash strip use. A reported benefit from some users is that eyelash serum supports their lashes and reduces or prevents damage from consistent eyelash extension and eyelash strip use.

How long does it take to see results from eyelash serum?

The results of lash serum growth vary on a case by case basis. Each person’s growth rate and their lashes response to certain products varies. The results promised by different products may also be of a differing degree and variation.

When do apply eyelash serum?

Do I put my serum on each morning before my make-up? Do I add it to part of my night-time skincare routine?

Now when it comes to lash serum, one of the most common questions is about the optimum time to apply your lash serums. The answer to this varies from product to product. For example: serums such as Lash Therapy recommend that you apply your layer just before bed. However, brands like Bondi Boost recommend you to apply your serum in the morning and allow it to nourish your lashes throughout the day.

How often should I apply eyelash serum?

Though the recommended time of the day may vary from product to product. Most lash serums require daily application to achieve the optimal result. Whether that be at night time or in the morning, it should be factored into your daily routine.

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